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    As the world’s leading maker of high-quality breast implants for over 25 years1a, our experience results in quality products that you can rely on2a.

    Source 1a: Bondurant S., Ernster V., Herdman R. eds. (1999). Safety of Silicone Implants. Washington, DC: National Academy Press;

    Source 2a: Mentor WW Sales Data

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    LoveYourLook® is your source for the most up-to-date, reliable information about breast augmentation and plastic surgery.

  • 97% patient satisfaction*.

    *MemoryGel® Round Breast Implants 8-year Core Study Data, on file with FDA and Health Canada.

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    Design Fact. There are few, if any medical devices with over 40,000 patients enrolled and followed over a 10 year period.